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Control Systems

This section covers devices that offer an alarm or shut down in the event of flow and/or fan failure. Essential equipment for your peace of mind and if your computer runs unsupervised or 24/7. Protect your investment.

innovatek Fan-O-Matic MICRO 
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Son of the F-O-M High End controller. Can be used in three modes. As a controller for a fan for air cooling, such as a CPU cooler; as a controller for a water cooled system and as a slave to the F-O-M High End. Can be mounted in banks (i-bus). Excellent pricing.

See the manufacturer's full technical data sheet and manual  in English in .pdf file format.


It's attributes include;

  • fast response circuit for fan air cooling (such as a CPU cooler)
  • slow response circuit for a radiator fan for water cooling
  • a second flow sensor circuit for water cooling (giving emergency shut down with low flow or flow failure)
  • fully adjustable operating temp between 20 and 50 degrees Celsius
  • microprocessor control with analogue circuitry - no pulse wave modulation which may cause noise and interference
  • quick start fan operation with 8 volts for one second - guarantees the fan operates
  • can be run as a slave to the full sofware controlled Fan-O-Matic High End
  • can be operated in a multiple bank (i-bus) up to one metre long

Complete with temperature sensors, cables and instructions.


Weight: 80.00 gms

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innovatek Fan-O-Matic High End rev1.5 
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The ultimate fan controller. Software operated under Windows. Enables fans and a flow meter to be programmed for precise performance. Digital read out. Even allows the computer to be controlled remotely. Choice of coloured fascias.

See the manufacturer's full details (in German) at innovatek.


Weight: 350.10 gms

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Fan-O-Matic PRO Bezels 
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The top end bezel with the plexiglass cover.


Weight: 100.10 gms

innovatek Fan-O-Matic PROfessional USB 
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The ultimate fan controller. Nothing on the market matches its power. Connects via a USB port. Software operated under Windows. It handles 4 fans (expandable to 16) and 8 sensor channels (expandable to 16). Can be used to operate the computer remotely. It has many unique functions, incuding 50 programmable time set functions, for example.


The full specification is available in German on the Fan-O-Matic website.


Weight: 350.10 gms

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