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innovatek Fan-O-Matic MICRO 


Son of the F-O-M High End controller. Can be used in three modes. As a controller for a fan for air cooling, such as a CPU cooler; as a controller for a water cooled system and as a slave to the F-O-M High End. Can be mounted in banks (i-bus). Excellent pricing.

See the manufacturer's full technical data sheet and manual  in English in .pdf file format.


It's attributes include;

  • fast response circuit for fan air cooling (such as a CPU cooler)
  • slow response circuit for a radiator fan for water cooling
  • a second flow sensor circuit for water cooling (giving emergency shut down with low flow or flow failure)
  • fully adjustable operating temp between 20 and 50 degrees Celsius
  • microprocessor control with analogue circuitry - no pulse wave modulation which may cause noise and interference
  • quick start fan operation with 8 volts for one second - guarantees the fan operates
  • can be run as a slave to the full sofware controlled Fan-O-Matic High End
  • can be operated in a multiple bank (i-bus) up to one metre long

Complete with temperature sensors, cables and instructions.

Weight: 80.00 gms
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Typical Water Cooling Set Up

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