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Some of the reviews on the internet concerning innovatek water cooling.

  • Virtual-Hideout      These new products are perfect for anyone out there, who is looking to get lower temperatures for their CPU. 
  • Gruntville               Incredibly Quiet - Awesome Performance - Easy to Install - Comes with everything you need.
  • PimpRig                 ................water-cooling is definitely the answer. The Innovatek Set5 Watercooling Kit is a shining example of good engineering and dedication to a quality product in this quickly expanding market. Almost every component included is top quality. The temperatures this kit is able to maintain along with the extremely low noise level make this a definite good buy.
  • Viperlair                 The XXS kit is put together for ease of installation by a novice, while keeping the enthusiasts in mind with the flexibility and the quality components. The quality Water Blocks, Pump, Radiator and Tubing truly allow for great performance and variation of design.
  • Overclockers          The Innovatek Kit is one of the best I have tested. It's extremely easy to set up - actual assembly time is under an hour, two hours tops.
  • BigBruin                 The performance of the innovatek Premium XXS Water Cooling Kit is without a doubt admirable. It substantially reduces the noise over the stock configuration, while producing temperatures on the processor and video card far lower than the stock coolers. I was equally impressed with the solid construction of each piece, and the inclusion of all the extras that made installation a snap. The innovatek Premium XXS Water Cooling Kit is an excellent choice for someone who wants a complete kit consisting of some of the best built water cooling gear available. The performance and ease of use should appeal to someone making their first foray into water cooling, as well as an experienced veteran. The universal nature of the kit is also appealing as it allows the owner to know they can move their investment to a new Intel or AMD based system if an upgrade is on the horizon.
  • the techlounge         innovatek produces some of the highest quality water cooling products available and we were extremely pleased throughout the entire testing process.
  • tomshardware         With the innovatek system, we measured the highest cooling capacity that we had ever achieved with a water cooler.
  • tomshardware         Priced at 235 (plus tax), Innovatek's Premium XXS enters the world of water cooling. Convincing performance values, low noise level and first class finishing characterize this set. Moreover, Innovatek is the manufacturer with the most available accessories. Premium XXS is the best choice for those who want to expand their water cooling systems in the future.
  • xtremeresources.    Such a small kit and yet it gives me so much to say. Undoubtedly the XXS relies mostly o­n quiet operation and top quality, placing performance right after those two qualities. It is exceptionally silent, very small and it is designed and built very carefully. All of the parts are given a very close attention to details and are easy to install and use.

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