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A range of pumps to drive the coolant around the circuit. Available in both mains AC voltage and 12 volt DC versions.

Anti Vibration Pump Mountings locost 
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A simple grommet based anti vibration mounting for an Eheim pump. As supplied with all innovatek kits.


Weight: 20.00 gms

Anti Vibration Pump Mountings 
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A de luxe anti vibration Eheim pump mounting system utilising bobbin type insulators.


Weight: 25.00 gms

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The ultimate 12 volt DC pump. Eheim reliability + innovatek engineering. Now with even further improved electronics in this PLUS version. More powerful than a standard mains Eheim 1048! Complete with an outlet connector and an ATX bridging connector.

The pump will now perform to a head of 2.05M. There are three bridgeable modes - auto (default), quiet and overclock (warranty devoid). The actual use is recorded on a memory module. The overclock mode will give maximum flow and this state has been extensively tested.


Weight: 740.00 gms

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12VDC Conversion Kit for mains 1046 Pump 
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Convert a standard mains Eheim 1046 pump to 12 volt DC operation.


Micro Pump 12V CSP-750 MkII 
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A small pump - a 5 cm cube. 500 litres/hr. 4.5W. Accepts standard 8x1 connections. 3 pin plug. Requires a remote header tank. Enables systems to be developed for small form factor cases.

Note: Not recommended for continuous 24/7 use.

Read the full product and technical information at www.c-systems.ca

Note: This is an impeller type pump. It will move a solid body of water but will not work against a pressure or self prime. There must always be a head of water above the pump, so mount the pump as low as possible in the system.


Weight: 200.10 gms

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Eheim 1046/48 240V Pump 
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The only water cooling pumps to consider due to their reliability. Can be submerged in a reservoir.

The 1046 delivers 300 litres per hour open circuit and the 1048, 600 litres per hour.


Weight: 780.00 gms

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Use this relay to operate the mains voltage pump when the computer is switched on. Operates off 12 volts DC from a motherboard header.


Weight: 30.00 gms

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