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RAM Waterblocks

Waterblocks to cool both single and double sided RAM. And the facility to add further RAM modules and waterblock(s).

RAM Cooler Kit 
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Designed to cool a pair of single sided RAM modules.

The clips can be fitted at the top or at the ends. Both narrow (single sided) and wide (double sided) clips are supplied.

The waterblock will accomodate up to four RAM modules (note the waterblock overhang in the picture). This can be done without draining the system.

Note also the holes in the top of the cooling plates that will accept further waterblocks.


Weight: 200.10 gms

RAM Upgrade Kit - Dual Side 
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Upgrades the basic cooler (above) to cool both sides of the RAM module.

One kit fits one RAM module.

Both narrow (single sided) and wide (double sided) clips are supplied.


Weight: 100.10 gms

RAM Upgrade - Waterblock 
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An extra waterblock to fit to the RAM cooling plates.

Up to three waterblocks can be fitted to a single RAM set.


Weight: 200.10 gms

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