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A range of professional kits which include CPU waterblock(s) and clamp(s), 12V water pump, header tank, 120 mm radiator, fan and grille, protection fluid, flexible pump mountings, thermal compound, connectors, cables and sundry connectors and fixings. You need only add distilled water.

A Starter Set is available without a radiator but with every other part needed for a complete system.

The LC, low cost, entry level kits have the basic FlatFlow SL CPU waterblock and the 240V mains Eheim 1046 pump.

We will swap any parts out of a kit for the difference in the retail prices, plus 15%.

Also ready made assemblies.

innovaSET LC 
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An entry level kit. Uses the new FlatFlow-O-Matic rev1.5 CPU waterblock and the mains version of the Eheim 1046 pump. Otherwise, all you need to add is distilled water.


Weight: 2370.00 gms

innovaSET XX Starter (Universal) 
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A complete professional kit but less the active radiator/fan/grille or passive radiator. Add your own radiator(s) for your ideal set up.


Weight: 2000.10 gms

innovaSET XxS (Universal) 
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The professional kit comprising the top of the range XX-Flow CPU waterblock, clamps for P4 (sockets 478 and 775) and Athlon 64, a single innovatek radiator, fan and grille and the superb 12 volt HPPS Eheim water pump. Just add distilled water.


Weight: 2740.00 gms

innovaSET XxD (Universal) 
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As above but with a dual innovatek radiator with twin fans and grilles.


Weight: 3000.10 gms

innovaSET Passive XxK (Universal) 
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As the professional kits above, but using the standard passive Konvekt-O-Matic radiator in silver. Top end cooling in virtual silence.


Weight: 3000.10 gms

innovaSET Xeon Duall/Dual 
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A complete set for Dual Xeon processors with a dual radiator, dual fans, 12 volt HPPS pump, etc.


Weight: 3000.10 gms

aquaMatic 2 Standard and PRO 
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A complete stand alone unit comprising a dual radiator system with the Eheim HPPS pump and XX-flow CPU waterblock.

The PRO unit (see picture) has a Fan-O-Matic MICRO controller installed to give complete system control.


Weight: 4600.00 gms

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H2O PC-Casing Module 
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A single self contained unit that bolts directly to a rear 120 mm fan mounting face. Comprises an HPPS pump, AGB header tank and a single 120 Black Ice Radiator.

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