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For fanned, but quiet power supplies, visit KoolnQuiet.

NOTE: When using a fanless power supply, ensure that there is active airflow through the case to cool the other components. Ideally inlet fan(s) and, optionally, a slower exhaust fan below the PSU.

Seasonic S12 430/500/600W ATX12V v2.01 
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Probably the finest ranges of power supplies available on the market today.

See the full manufacturer's specifications at Seasonic.

The 430W unit was tested by the prestigious website SilentPCReview, where it was rated as the quietest power supply they have ever tested.

The larger units were equally impressive. See the review at SilentPCReview. CustomPC  magazine also rated the 500W and 600W units as the best in their class in a large group test.


Weight: 2500.10 gms

Antec Phantom 500W ATX12V v2.0 
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Another triumph from a brand leader. Full PCI Express specification with dual 12 volt rails and a smart 20/ 24 pin plug. Four SATA connectors. PCI-E connector.

A hybrid design. Fanless under normal use but with a fan that operates at high temperature. There are three manual presets for the high temeperature.

See the manufacturer's full specification at Antec.

Full retail box with instructions, UK mains lead and fixings. 3 year European wide warranty.


Weight: 5000.10 gms

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