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A range of items to complement your water cooling system.

Low Voltage Cable 7 volt 
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Ideal to run an active radiator fan at low speed. Provides a 3 pin feed from a 4 pin supply. Complete with sensor lead for connection to a motherboard header.


Weight: 20.10 gms

Bridging Plug ATX PSU 
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Fit to the 20/24 pin connector at the end of the PSU harness to obtain 12 volts to operate the pump, without operating the computer.


Weight: 20.00 gms

VGA RAM Heatsinks 
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If you use the VGA chipset waterblock on your GPU, then use these heatsinks on your RAM. Either glue them on or use thermal transfer pads (see below).

30 x 30 x 15 mm.


Weight: 15.10 gms

Click here for more product information

Thermal Transfer Pads 35 mm x 35 mm 
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For general use. Ideal for the VGA heatsinks above.

Required by AMD so as not to invalidate the warranty.


Weight: 5.00 gms

DDR/SDR RAM Heatspreader aluminium/copper 
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Ideal memory coolers for all SDR and DDR RAM. Clip on.


Weight: 20.10 gms

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The ultimate cleaning kit for chipsets and waterblocks. Comprises;

ArctiClean 1 - Thermal Material Remover. This product will remove existing thermal compounds and thermal pads.

ArctiClean 2 - Thermal Surface Purifier. Removes any residues and provides corrosion inhibitors for copper and aluminium.

Available as a kit, 1 & 2, 60ml. Also ArctiClean 2 on its own, 120ml. Ideal for cleaning virgin surfaces.

See the manufacturer's product page at Arctic Silver.


Weight: 20.00 gms

Arctic Silver 5 3.5gm Thermal Compound 
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Reputedly the best thermal compound on the market at a bargain price, if purchased with a waterblock.

For detailed application instructions, visit Arctic-Cooling.


Weight: 10.00 gms

Arctic Alumina Thermal Adhesive 
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Use to bond the above VGA heatsinks into place.

This product is totally electrically inert, whereas Arctic Silver Thermal Adhesive has a slight capacitative effect.


Weight: 15.00 gms

Coollaboratory Liquid Pro 1 gm (syringe) 
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Reckoned to be the new top performing thermal interface material on the market.

Note: Do NOT use with aluminium.

Visit the manufacturer's website at Coollaboratory.


Weight: 20.10 gms

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