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Hard Drive WBs

A range of hard drive water blocks that fit 3.5" and 5.25" bays, as well as providing sound proofing.

HD-O-Matic Micro 3.5" blue 
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Fits under a standard 3.5" hard drive and mounts in a 3.5" bay. Ideal for parallel and series ATA drives. Complete with connectors, mounting screws and thermal compound.


Weight: 730.00 gms

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HDM L-Pro HDD Dampening Box 
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The ultimate water cooled hard drive housing. Fits into a 5.25" bay and provides sound proofing through two way flexible mounting, as well as water cooling. Will accept the fastest drives, including SCSI. Available in a black or aluminium case, with a black fascia.

Will fit any bay configuration such as those with sprung loaded pins and slides. Can be fitted flush with the front panel or set back to retain the original bay cover.


Weight: 500.10 gms

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Fascia with Temperature Module 
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Shown fitted to the Box above. Available in black or beige only.


Weight: 100.10 gms

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