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Tubing et Al

Products associated with the tubing that is required to plumb the system.

Special Tubing 10 mm OD x 8 mm ID x 1 M 
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The top quality PVC tubing. Transparent or blue. The blue variant glows under ultra violet light, so there is no need to degrade your coolant with a colour additive. If you don't want this feature, just ignore it. Sold by the metre length.

Note: Cheaper tubing will take up a 'set' once used. This tubing can be re-used without loss of flexibility.


Weight: 5.00 gms

Bulkhead Grommets (pair) 
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Use to pass tubing through the case wall.


Weight: 5.00 gms

PCI Slot Plate 
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Use a spare PCI slot as a convenient way to pass tubing through the case wall. Complete with two grommets.


Weight: 20.10 gms

innovatek Protect Standard, PRO & N 
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The compulsary additive for innovatek warranty purposes. The standard item is formulated to be used with  DISTILLED WATER. The PRO version uses TAP WATER. The N version can be mixed with tap water also, but it can be safely ingested without harm. Dilute with three parts of water. We do not recommend any other coolant products or additives. If you want a coloured effect, use the UV reactive tubing.

Provides heat flow enhancing, anti corrosion, anti freeze, anti foaming and anti algicide properties as well as pump lubrication.. The fluid is not electrically conductive.

This is the only range of protective fluids that are accepted by EHEIM for warranty purposes on their pumps.


Weight: 275.00 gms

Non Return Valve 
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Hold the water back with this simple non return valve. Push on connections.


Weight: 10.00 gms

Anti Kink Spring 
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When fitted over tubing, it avoids kinks where there is a tight bend. Also provides anti chafing against a metal edge.


Weight: 10.00 gms

Anti Kink Nut & Spring 
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Sames as above but it replaces the nut on a standard connector. Useful where a tight bend occurs immediately adjacent to the connector. Avoids the plain spring 'creeping' along the tubing.

Can be used everywhere as a visual feature and tube protector.


Weight: 25.00 gms

Tube Clamp 
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The blue portion is swivelled onto the metal section to cover the tubing. The black knurled nut is then tightened to shut off the flow. Removeable. Useful for upgrading.


Weight: 10.00 gms

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