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nVIDIA 7950 GX2


Innovatek have just introduced a CALCULATOR that works out the thermal power load of a standard or overclocked PC system and then recommends components, such as the radiator size. The calculator is all in German but the approach is obvious and all the radiator performances, for example, are listed lower on the page. The link through to the calculation page is here, INNOVATEK  The calculator will be upgraded with further parameters in the next few weeks.


15 September The HD-O-Matic hard drive coolers (5.25") have been replaced by the HDM boxes. There are a few red items still available.

8 September There is an active device to increase the performance of the two larger passive radiators. It is called the Konvektor Booster Kit. It comprises a 12 volt radial type fan that is, ideally, controlled by a Fan-O-Matic MICRO. Outputs up to 500W for the MAXI and 680W for the ULTRA are achieveable. The kits are available in the colour to match your radiator as well as a plexiglass panel for a stand alone version radiator. Cold cathode light kits are available to illuminate the unit.

2 September For reasons unknown, the Fan-O-Matic PRO will not be available until towards the end of the year. As a sweetener, the High End version is being supplied as a 'Limited Edition' with a FREE inline temperature sender.

11 August We have added a Tank-O-Matic Coupling Adapter that allows you to join two external header tanks to give increased capacity.

13 July We are now stocking the Coollaboratory Liquid Pro thermal interface material. This is regarded as the best on the market. Do NOT use on aluminium. Comes in a 1 gm syringe. This item is bundled with all G-Flow CPU waterblocks.

29 June A Cool-Matic nVIDIA 7950 GX2 waterblock will be available at the end of July. It will be available as a single waterblock for one card, an SLI bridge waterblock and as a complete KOMBI unit (see above).

A range of RAM module coolers is now available. The RAM Cooler Kit fits twin single sided RAM modules. An upgrade kit allows for fitment to dual sided RAM modules. And a further upgrade offers an extra waterblock (which will straddle up to 4 RAM modules). Adding further RAM does not require further plumbing. Up to three waterblocks can be fitted to one array. See under the new department, "RAM Waterblocks".

14 June All the existing range of Athlon 64 clamps will handle the new AM2 socket.

The water cooled Server Case has been face lifted and is now based on the Chieftec JS-2000-OP. See the details of the standard case at Chieftec. This case will accept up to 35 HDDs!!!

24 May AMD have launched Socket AM2. This has 940 pins (but it is not compatible with the Opteron's 940 pins). The retention cradle (see above) has 4 mounting holes compared with the existing 2 mounting holes for sockets 754/939/940. We will have a brand new cutting edge, top of the range waterblock for this socket at the end of June (as well as for socket 775 and sockets 754/939/940).

21 March The new aquaMatic 2 and aquamatic 2 PRO are now available. A complete high end system comprising a dual radiator, HPPS pump and XX-flow CPU waterblock. Not to be confused with other manufacturer's toys! See under 'Full Kits/Units'. To special order.

The Low Cost SET and the XX-flow Universal Starter SET are now reduced in price to below £100 retail.

27 January Now here is a beast! A water cooled server case. The literally massive Chieftec AR-2000-B H2O. A near silent set up with a bespoke radiator twice the size of the dual innovRADI. The cooling will handle quad Xeon CPUs. Removeable motherboard tray, up to EATX. Fitted with a Fan-O-Matic MICRO for total system control, 24/7. £649 retail. To special order.

16 January We are now listing the latest ATI and nVIDIA waterblocks. Suitable for 7800GT and 7800GTX (see above); X1800, X1800XT and X1800XL.

We have also added the latest passive radiators using an updated and more efficient extrusion. The Konvekt-O-Matic Pro is fully built, the PRO LC is for self assembly and the LC Upgrade allows extra units to be added.

5 December PimpRig have done a major review here on the Bravo water cooled case fitted with a twin active radiator and a MAXI passive radiator with the booster kit.. This review just about sums up why we support, and only sell, Innovatek water cooling equipment.

9 November There is now a combined passive and active warter cooled Bravo case. For normal use the ULTRA passive radiator handles the heat load. When peaks occur, the fans for the dual radiator are operateded by a Fan-O-Matic MICRO controller. This sytem will handle the hottest heat loads.

8 November We now accept the American Express card. Choose this method of payment, from the menu, when you pass through the checkout.

28 October An excellent review of the XXS water cooling kit is to be found at xtremeresources.

14 October We now have a very small MICROcooler in stock.

10 October We now accept PayPal as a payment option. Choose this method of payment, from the menu, when you pass through the checkout. There is no charge for this service on this site.

20 September Now here is a brilliant idea. The MAXI Booster. This is a radial fan fitted to the base of a MAXI passive radiator, complete with a housing. The fan can run at a variable voltage to give a varying performance with up to 3 times the performance of the passive radiator. The assembly comes in various colours to match your radiator. In stock.

9 August The dual rad Chieftec Big Cases are in stock, as are the Dampening Boxes, both passive and watercooled, for hard drives.

11 July The Chieftec Big Case (Bravo Series) has been launched (see above). A large case for a standard system but with massive opportunities for upgrading. This case features SIX 5.25" bays and EIGHT internal hard drive bays! The fully installed water cooling system features the HPPS 12 volt pump, the choice of a single radiator or dual radiator (see above) and FlatFlow CPU waterblock. Exceptional value at £225 retail for the single rad case and £240 retail for the dual rad case, inclusive of VAT.

11 July A new HDD Dampening Box has been introduced. Available in black or aluminium with a black fascia, it fits into a 5.25" bay. It provides a flexible mounting for the hard drive as well as sound proofing. Comes with or without a waterblock. An optional fascia in black or beige has an inbuilt thermometer.

18 May We are now stocking Arctic Silver ArctiClean Parts 1 & 2. Part 1 will remove existing thermal compounds and pads and Part 2 will remove any residue and provide oxidation protection for aluminium and copper surfaces. These products are made from natural products rather than caustic chemicals. Sold as a 60 ml 1 & 2 Kit and ArctiClean 2 is sold as a 120 mm pot for treating brand new components. Also as a Bundle with the 60 ml Kit plus Arctic Silver 5, at a saving of £1.

17 May Yet again we must point out that Eheim will only warrant their pumps if used with InnovaProtect protection fluid. This goes for their pumps used in ANY system. The reason for this is the need for anti bacterial and anti algicide additives, as the circa 40C operating temperature is ideal for breeding such nasties. This is why car antifreeze will not work. Also, corrosive elements in some fluids can destroy the component parts of the pump.

16 May Due to demand, we are stocking the Black Ice Xtreme Triple 120 mm Radiator. This radiator uses standard 8x1 innovatek connectors.

29 April SALE SALE SALE We have some special offers under the sale section if you want to put a budget system together. Stocks limited - first come first served.

26 April We are now stocking the latest PLUS version of the HPPS 12 volt pump. With improved electronics, the pump will now handle a head of 2.05M. There are three bridgeable modes - auto (default), quiet and overclock for maximum performance (warranty devoid). No price change! 

22 April We have the single radiator Silverstone H2O-tek Midi Case (TJ-04) on special offer. £249 delivered!!! While stocks last. Available in both silver and black.

21 March A customer has achieved a dramatic temperature drop by using Arctic Silver's Ceramique as the thermal interface material on a grahics card waterblock. He had picked this up on a forum where others had had similar experiences. You could also use Arctic Alumina but not Arctic Silver 5, as the latter has a slight electrical capacitative effect which could disrupt circuitry. The other two products are totally electrically inert.

14 March We now have CPU waterblock clamps for socket 775 (P4). We also have Starter Kits that are the full professional kit less the radiator. Use the radiator of your choice to build your own bespoke system. There is now a Screw On Inline Temperature Sensor that fits directly into a component.

The XX-Flow CPU Waterblock has been upgraded and the base nickel plated. The Graph-O-Matic rev3.0 chipset coolers have also been redesigned and now feature a choice of vertical or angled take offs, as well as a nickel plated base.

19 February We now have the passive radiator kits in stock, innovaSET Passive XxK (Universal). We also have the Konvekt-O-Matic Feet for passive radiators. The upgrade kits for flat flow SL waterblocks are also in stock(see below).

24 January We have the V6 waterblocks in stock. The entry level aluminium SL waterblock cannot be used for Athlon 64. It has been upgraded to SL Transparent rev1.5 and can now be used on Athlon 64 CPUs. To convert the existing block, there is an Upgrade Kit WB-UK875, priced at £5.55 retail.

7 December Once again we must stress that we only recommend innovaProtect as the protection fluid for innovatek components. If you use other fluids, you do so at your own risk. Please check as to their suitability with the supplier or manufacturer. If components are damaged, such as the cracking of plexiglass tanks or covers, then we can supply replacement items to special order.

26 November We now have the latest water cooled cases in stock (see below). We are also holding two ZEON waterblocks in stock (they are normally to special order only). We also have digital thermometers in stock.

5 November A new highly visual waterblock, the V6, has been introduced. It's performance is on a par with the X-flow waterblock. Complete with built in blue LEDs. Available in black/red or black/aluminium. Available soon.

Shortly, Mounting Feet will be available for supporting Konvektor passive radiators.

27 October Two new cases have been introduced, Silverstone TJ-06 Full Tower EATX Case, available in black or silver. These feature a dual innovaRADI with twin fans that provide all the airflow that the case needs. Will accept up to an extended ATX motherboard for twin CPUs, workstations and servers. This case will handle ANY system that you can install. Room for six hard drives with special cooling. FIVE 5.25" external bays. The ultimate water cooled case. A few are on order.

20 October We have added a new section, "Flow & Temp Sensors". It also includes new Digital Thermometers, both with single and dual read outs and a blade or inline temperature sensor. All these units are powered by a 4 pin Molex connector. These are on order.

18 October We now have a small 12 volt pump that is a 5 cm cube, Micro Pump 12V CSP750 MkII. It accepts standard connectors and has a 3 pin plug. Not recommended for 24/7 use. Ideal for SFF - small form factor cases. See under "Pumps". Read the manufacturer's full details at C-System.

7 October This is the launch of our brand new website, dedicated totally to water cooling. We can take online payment fulfilment and the carriage costs are available worldwide. We would welcome any comments, particularly about any minor errors that may arise.


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